How it all started

I’m the proud publisher of a recently launched neighborhood magazine. When I started this publication, I wanted to find a meaningful way to honor and recognize the sponsors and resident contributors who made the publication possible.  That's when the idea of giving them professionally framed pages from the magazine came to mind. However, the process of ordering frames online or purchasing at a retailor, getting the pages printed, and mounting the pictures proved to be very time-consuming, cumbersome, and fell short of being something truly special.  I knew there had to be a better way.

That's why I created Commemorative Magazine Pages (CMP). CMP is designed to make it easy, cost-effective, and quick for publishers like us to have awesome looking professionally framed magazine pages. With CMP, you can provide lasting recognition to those who make your publication possible while freeing up valuable time for you and your team to focus on selling and creating engaging content.

We understand the importance of building your brand and showing appreciation to your supporters. CMP offers a seamless solution, ensuring that the framed magazine pages are of the highest quality and reflect the professionalism and quality of your business. By entrusting CMP with this process, we will elevate your brand image and leave a lasting impression on our sponsors and contributors.

Your feedback and ideas are crucial in helping us improve CMP. We are always looking for ways to enhance our services and better meet your needs. Please share your thoughts and suggestions by emailing us at We genuinely value your input and believe it will contribute to the continued success of CMP.

Thank you for your support, and together, let's make your magazine even more remarkable.

Warm regards,

Steve Engelson